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(I am a registrar in an Emergency Room, which includes checking patients in and verifying their insurance. It is nearly midnight when I receive a call on the incoming ambulance phone.)

Me: Registration, this is [My Name].

Patient: Hi, [My Name]! My name is [Name] and I’ve had this weird growth on my tongue for months; I think it’s cancer or something… Anyway, I just cut it off with a razor blade and wanted to see if you accept [Insurance]?

Me: Uh, yes sir we certainly accept that insurance.

Patient: Oh great, great! Thank you, I will be in shortly! *hangs up*

Me: What just happened…?

(He shows up about twenty minutes later and checks in for chest pain and numbness, not even mentioning his tongue. While I am charting in the back, he even comes out at one point and asks me to remove his IV. Then he checked out AMA!)