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(This story takes place on my first day running registers at a company I have only been working at for a week. We are running a promotion where customers can donate to a cause using the pinpad before they pay. They have to choose before they pay with a card. It has been discovered that if they select yes the machine glitches and I have to reset it before it’ll read their card)

Me: Hi do you have your rewards card today?

Customer: (ignores me and shows it to me)

Me: (finishes scanning) okay its gonna…

Customer: (starts repeatedly sliding card before I can finish) (gives me confused look)

Me: Its going to ask if you would like to make a donation to (cause) you’ll have to select yes or no before you can slide your card.

Customer: (selects yes and starts sliding card repeatedly again)

Me: okay it seems to have malfunctioned again, I’ll have to reset it before it’ll read your card.

Customer: (keeps sliding before I’ve even tried to reset it) it’s not working. I keep sliding it and its still not working.

Me: I haven’t reset it yet. It’ll light up blue when its ready for you to slide.

Customer: (looks at me like I’m stupid)

Me:(leans over and makes sure its lit up blue) Okay you should be good to go!

Customer: (finishes transaction all while looking incredibly dumbfounded)

Me: Okay here is your receipt have a great day!

Customer: ( walks away silently still looking at me like I’m stupid)

Me: (Internally screaming)

Note: This happened every single time someone donated. Even though the machine clearly asks, and it clearly has bright blue lights flashing when it is ready to read a card. What a great way to start my very first day as a cashier.