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(Please note that any and all patient-specific information has been completely redacted from this story, so that the edited anecdote below is entirely HIPAA-compliant.) The pharmacy I work at is located inside a grocery store, and we can ring out items from the main store also, but only about as many as an express line can take (not a whole cart full). We also do not have a scale in the pharmacy, so we can only ring out produce that is pre-bagged with a bar code or is sold by quantity and not by weight. I was working alone shortly before closing on a weekend, when somebody came by to pick up medicine for their spouse. One of the prescriptions was a brand name medicine with a high copay. The person whined about the cost (which was set by the insurance company, not the pharmacy) briefly, then asked me to ring out their grocery items because they only had one check with them and no credit card. They had an overflowing cart with well over a hundred dollars of merchandise, which included at least three items I could immediately see that have to be weighed. I informed the person that I cannot do that, but the cashiers for the main store can scan the grocery items, print a slip for them to bring back to the pharmacy, and then they could pay for both the cart of food and the medicines on one check (this is not the first time something like this has happened, and usually isn’t that big of a deal). I also politely asked the person to please take care of this immediately, because the pharmacy was supposed to be closing in about ten minutes. Fast forward to at least fifteen minutes later. The person is back, and sits down on the bench in front of the pharmacy to proceed to hunt through their pockets and bag for their check. Five or ten minutes later they give up, and inform me that they are going to pay with cash (why they didn’t do that in the first place I will never know). Eventually, they pull out exactly the amount of cash except for the change portion, and seem confused when I inform them that I need an additional $0.xx. In the end, I give up on them finding enough change and raid the take-a-penny-leave-a-penny (which thankfully happened to have a dime and a nickel in it in addition to the pennies, for some unfathomable reason) for the last few cents so I can go home.