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(I work at a Drive-In, and although I’m not a manager, I do a bit of everything in the store. We are slow today and I am working both headset and drive through window. A customer comes through drive and I take his order)

Me: “Welcome to [Store] my name is [Name] how may I take you order?
Customer: “I’ll have a number 11 with a [soda] and also a number 2 (Regular burger meal) with a [soda].”
Me: “What would you like for your side item with the burger?”
Customer: “I don’t want anything else I just want the combo.”
Me: “Okay sir, that comes with a side of your choosing, is tots okay?”
Customer: “I said I don’t want any of your other food just give me the combo!”

(I ring up just the burger and the drink as for a combo, you have to get a side to get the discount.)

Me: Okay your total is [total]. I’ll see you at the window!

(Our cook is on break so I make the drink and run to the kitchen to prepare the food. When I get to a stopping point I go to the window to collect the money for the order)

Me: “Sorry about the wait sir, your total was [total]”
Customer: “What took so long? I’ve been sitting here with the money for 5 minutes now!”
Me: “I’m sorry, we are short staffed today so I had to go to the kitchen and prepare your food!”
Customer: (hands me the money and I give him his two drinks) “It will be just a couple minutes, we’ll have your order right out!

(I close the window and go back to the kitchen preparing his food, I take of my gloves and bag up his order and proceed to hand it out the window)

Me: Here you go! Would you like any ketchup or mustard to go with that today?”
Customer: (doesn’t say anything and just rumbles through his bag.) “Where are my tots for my burger?”
Me: “I’m sorry I asked a few times what you wanted for the side and you insisted you didn’t want anything. Would you like me to ring you up for a tot as well?”
Customer: “You shouldn’t have to, it should be free!”
Me: (We have great customer service here so on smaller items like this, if they complain we usually just give it to them free of charge) “Not a problem sir, let me go throw some in the fryer for you and it will be just a couple minutes!”

(The customer looks angered and I hop back to kitchen to fry his tots. As I finish up and approach the window, the customer is gone. I check our stalls to see if he parked anywhere to wait but the lot is empty. A few minutes go by and I hear the phone ring. I answer the phone.)

Me: “[Drive-In] number 7 my name is [Name] how can I help you?”
Customer: “Yeah are you the manager? I just went through a few minutes ago and the as***** worker didn’t give me a tator tot and I sat there waiting for 10 minutes!”
Me: “I told you I was the only one available to make the food and that I had to prepare your tots. I even told you they would be free of charge sir.”
Customer: “That’s bullshit, I am coming back and I expect a full refund!”
(Our store closes in 5 minutes)
Me: “Okay just pull up to the window when you get here!”
(I shut down the store and my manager counts me down. I clock out and we both walk out to our cars. I decide to wait a few minutes to see if the customer comes back. As I sit in my car, sure enough the customer, speeding, pulls up to the window and slams on his brakes. I just sit there and laugh as he knocks on the window)

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