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(I work at the customer service desk of a grocery/department store. We handle returns/exchanges, complaints, lottery, and customer calls)

*customer calls*
Me: Hello! This is the (city) (store’s name) service desk. How may I help you?
Customer: I want to know if you have any music books for the piano.
Me: I know our electronics department has a variety of books. I’m not sure if they have any music books. But, I will connect you with an employee in that department.
*i call the department. Though I was a little nervous that, since it was 9:50 at night, there might not be anyone in that department*
Electronics coworker: electronics, (her name), how may I help you?
Me: hey this is the service desk! I have a customer on hold wondering about some books.. Mind if I transfer her to you?
Electronics coworker: no problem!
*i transfer the call. Ten minutes later, the same number calls again.*
Me: (says my answering spiel)
Customer: hi, I believe I talked with you earlier. I was trying to find a book.. But I must have gotten disconnected..
Me: oh! Yeah I tried to transfer you.. I wonder what happened.. Let me try again.
*tries to call the department. No answer. Pages the department. No answer. I look back at the phone and the customer hung up on line 1. A couple minutes later she calls again.*
Customer: I was waiting for you to transfer me.. Can you page them to pick up their phone?
Me: I’m sorry! I was trying to get someone in that department but no one has been answering.. I tried paging. I will try again..
*i tried paging a couple of times but no luck. Its after 10pm and I know around now electronics employees go home. So I call the night store director to see if she knows if we sell anything. She informed me that everyone went home in that department and no we do not sell any. I look back at line 1 and once again the customer hung up on me. A couple of minutes later, the customer calls back again.)
Customer: this is getting ridiculous! Get me a manager.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am. I just spoke with the store director and she said we do not sell any.
(the lady seemed pretty peeved. But I don’t quite understand why she kept hanging up on me. Of she stayed on the line I could have gotten an answer sooner for her.)

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