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(I work the customer service desk and we close at 11. And even though we close at 11, we start closing up shop when 10:30 hits. So we clean, get postal and lottery sale reports done/put away the scratch off lottery, and take out our drawers for the cash registers. We have maybe 5 customers from 9:30 – 11 so, it makes sense to start closing early. The time is 10:55)
*an older man in his 50s walks up and wants to buy lottery.*
Me: hi, what can I do for ya?
Customer: too early in the morning for you?
Customer: I’d like to have some scratch offs. Number 3 and number 20.
*i get him his lottery then he proceeds to stand thhere to stratch them. My coordinator (they’re in charge of us and the cashiers. Like a manager, but without the perks) starts to take out the scratch off lottery so we can lock them up. *
Customer: its only 1:30 in the morning..? What are you guys doing?
Me: it’s 11.. We close at 11..
Customer: What?! Its 1 am!! I thought you were open 24 hours!
Me: The store is. But the desk is open from 7 – 11. It did used to be 24 hours. A lot of people still think it is since the store is. But since we don’t get much traffic. It made more sense to close now. (I still don’t know why he was so convinced it was 1 in the morning.)