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I am serving at the counter in a craft store when a customer comes up.

Customer “I need help to find some things I need for a craft I want to try”

Me “Sure, what are you after?”

Customer “It’s something called (name I can’t quite understand)”

Me “Sorry what was that again?”

Customer “it’s (odd name) or something like that, I found it on the website”

Me “I’ve never heard of it, you found it on our website? Can you describe the craft” *thinking I could check our site to find it.

Customer “It was on the website, it’s a tutorial, can’t you find the things I need for it?’

Me “I would if I knew what you were talking about, can you tell me whereabouts on our website you found the item, or even just describe it”

Customer “What do you mean your website? It’s on YouTube, it’s a TUT. TOR. RIAL”.