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I work at a hardware store. We will accept returns if the customer has at least ONE of the following: their receipt, their rewards card, or their driver’s license.
It was raining outside and the store was really slow, when all of a sudden a lady comes flying through the door. I’m actually not a cashier, but I’ve been trained how to do returns and I just happened to be behind the counter collecting merchandise to return it to the sales floor.

Me: OK sure, what’s wrong with them?
Lady: Well, my husband replaced the fuse in them and now they won’t work.
I stared at her for about 5 seconds and thought really? YOUR HUSBAND broke them and you want me to give you new ones? To try and avoid an argument, I just agreed to do it.
Me: Sure, go get another of the same off the shelf and I’ll process and exchange.
She comes back with another box and I start the transaction.
Me: Do you have your receipt?
Lady: No.
Me: Do you have your rewards card?
Lady: No.
Me: Then I’ll need to see your driver’s license.
Lady: I don’t have it. It’s raining, my husband dropped me off at the front door.
Me: I need at least one of those things to do an exchange.
Lady: Can’t you just take these back and let me have the new ones?
Me: No, I need a receipt, a rewards card, or an ID.
Lady: THIS IS BULLSHIT. It’s raining! You’re going to make me walk to the truck in the rain!?!?!?
Me: Well if you want to exchange the lights, I need one of those things from you.
She slams her fists on the counter and storms out, which prompts 3 other employees to come over to me. I handed the head cashier everything and told her good luck!
(I went to go do what I was originally doing. I learned later that the lady cussed out 3 employees for making her go back to her truck in the rain. We were ALL in a bitter mood for a while after that.)