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(I was hit by a car, which fractured multiple bones in my leg. Unfortunately, it took multiple corrective surgeries. I was at a popular convenience store, grocery shopping with my husband and mother-in-law, using a power scooter from the store. This occurred in a baking aisle with another customer.)
Customer #1: *storming up with a worker* There she is!
Worker: What’s wrong with her?
Customer#1: She’s using a scooter!
Worker: And?
Customer #1: I want it!
Worker: Ma’am, I cannot tell another customer to just give up a scooter. She may actually need it. They are for people who have issues walking.
Customer #1: She’s just faking! I’ve seen her standing several times. Make her get out NOW!
Worker: Ma’am, I cannot. I will not ask her to give you the scooter, if you are able to walk.
Customer #1: FINE!
(She walks over and shoves me out of the scooter. The other customer, a tall muscular guy, comes over and yells as he helps me back in.)
Customer #2: What the h*** is wrong with you, lady?!
Customer #1: She’s obviously faking! She’s too young to be needing a scooter! I should get it, since I’m obviously old enough to need one!
Customer #2: Lady, stop being a witch and leave her alone!
(Customer #1 grabs my arm and tries to yank me back out of the scooter, and customer #2 holds me in place, while me and him both yell at her to let go. The worker leaves and comes back with security, who hauls her away. I see her in handcuffs at the front and go up to her.)
Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry for the earlier confusion. *rolls up pant leg to show multiple surgery lines* I do need this scooter, because I was hit by a car and I’m still relearning how to walk. All three bones in my leg were fractured in multiple places, and I’m lucky to even be alive.
(She lunges again, and the cops took my statement. She was charged with assault. The store insisted on giving me a $50 gift card for my trouble.)