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(I am the Garden Center cashier. I have just scanned two large, urn-shaped flower pots for a customer)

Customer: *Glancing at screen* Is that what they cost?

Me: *Checks screen as well* Yes sir, they came up as $21.00 each.

Customer: I found those in the Clearance section. They shouldn’t be $21.00. These don’t have labels, so I’ll go get another.

(It isn’t far, so he’s back shortly with an identical pot with the clearance sticker displayed)

Customer: *Shows me the pot smugly* See, now what does that one say?

Me: Well, that’s clearly a clearance sticker, and it says $21.00.

Customer: Oh.

(He decided not to get the pots, and was pretty quiet for the rest of the transaction. It isn’t often that I can prove a customer wrong, and it sure felt good!)