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(I have recently gone through a fairly traumatic experience with an abusive boyfriend, and have taken up a temporary job at a fast food restaurant to keep my mind off the experience. Most of my coworkers, managers and supervisors know of it, and are sympathetic to me.)

Customer #1: Waitress!
Me: Just a sec. Alright, may I take your order?
Customer #1: I want a [order]. Oh and… mmmm… a piece of this! *he grabs my breast and squeezes it.*
(As he does this, my mind jumps back immediately to my past experience. Instinctively I yelp, slap his hand away and back up a few steps. )
Customer #1: Don’t be scared, baby. I’ll take care of you. *he stands up and reaches out*
(At this point I am completely out of my mind with terror, having flashbacks and a breakdown.)
Me: D-don’t come near me…
Customer #1: Oh, f**k it. Get over here, d**m b***h!
(He then grabs my arm, and begins to pull me out the door. I kick, squirm, punch, bite, anything, but he holds on. A few customers are already out of their seats, yelling for a manager, and a few are pulling the nasty customer away from me. )
Customer #1: What the h**k is wrong with your service! It’s godd**m terrible! I have a right mind to sue your f***ing a**es for this!
Customer #2: … Are you serious, dude? EVERYONE here saw you grab this poor girl and start feeling her up.
Customer #3: And I have a right mind to sue YOU for sexual harassment, you son of a b***h.
Manager (having just arrived on scene): What’s going on?
Customer #1: *jumps in before anyone has a chance to* This b***h was refusing me service, and she hit me!
Manager: What-
Customer #3: That was after he grabbed her boob and started dragging her away, and calling her names!
Manager: I’m calling the police. If it’s true, we have it all on CCTV.
Customer #1: What the f**k? You guys can’t-
(At this point, Customer #3 has had enough and punches the lights outta this guy. When police arrive, we find out he was also wanted for other cases of domestic violence! He was arrested on the spot.

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