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(This happened around the holidays when our store was having a sale. A couple comes in, they look like hippie/hipsters, but I’ve seen all kinds of odd people. The girl approaches me at the counter. I’ve been experiencing severe vertigo all day and feel very dizzy.)

Customer#1: Are you having this sale for Hanukkah?

Me: ….No?

(They go about the store and eventually wave me over as the man tries on some shoes. They start asking me questions about my religion.)

Customer#2: Are you always honest?

Me: Yes.

Customer#2: That’s impossible. Everyone lies. So do you pay a full tithe or offering?

Me: Absolutely. It’s part of [my religion]

Customer#2: Oh so you’re [religion]! We used to be part of that religion too! Did you know that the leaders of your church practice witchcraft and white magic?

Me: ……Really.

(This continues for about a half an hour. Meanwhile, my vertigo is getting to the point where the world is swimming in front of my eyes and I am desperately trying to catch the eye of my manager to rescue me. Eventually I tell them I’ll let them look around and they promise to introduce me to someone who will convince my my religion is full of deceit and lies. I go into the break room and my manager tells me they left without buying anything. I never see them again)