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So one day, me and my family went out to eat at a Italian restaurant. We order and at this point I had to use the restroom. There was one lady in front of the door who was talking on her phone. I tap her on the shoulder, she turns around, looks at me bug-eyed, and let’s me in. So I get that resolved quickly. I use the bathroom and the toilet starts flooding. I panicked, went to the front desk and told the worker that the women’s bathroom flooded. She then freaks out too.
Worker: Oh god, more problems? It’s not like I have a sonic screwdriver or anything. It’s always me who fixes it though.
(Note, she’s just rambling to herself while I follow her to the bathroom)
The worker looks at the overflowing toilet and says,
Works: Uggh, why does the costumer always right?
Now she’s freaking out even more, running her hand through her hair, frantically looking around, she seemed really stressed, so I ask her,
Me: Are you alright? You look kind of tired.
Her: I-I just can’t. I took too many classes in school and I have no idea what to do- ugh.
Now she’s on the brink of tears.
Me: Do you need a hug?
She looks at and nods.
I just a hugged a stressed out student in a flooding bathroom in the middle of restaurant.
I hope I made her day better

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