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Note: While I’m a mobile groomer I rarely meet people (usually going to their homes) but one client moved and still wanted to use us. So a week earlier she makes an appointment to meet at a big box store parking lot. I get there early and is sitting in the front of the van on my phone.

Her:(pulling up next to me and waving) Hi

Me: (I get up and go through the back, leaving the large sliding door open) Hi there.

Her: We have an appointment today right?

Me: (thinking: you just drove 30 mins didn’t you and found me here) Yes we do

Her: Oh I thought it was 30 mins from now, do you have someone you are working on.

Me: (I look back at the empty interior) Ummm no, I had you down for this time and here you are, why don’t we get started.

Her: Ok! (after handing me the terrier) So like an hour should I be back?

Me: It’ll be at least a hour and fifteen.

Her: So an hour then.

Me: I’m pretty sure at least a hour and fifteen minutes, but if it’s less time I’ll call.

Her: No I’ll just me back by the hour and stay outside.

She leaves and doesn’t come back until a hour and ten minutes; and after partially handstripping, bathing, drying, haircut and scissoring, I am done at a hour and fifteen minutes.

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