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(I am 16, almost 17, years old and have autism. I had the day off of school for an appointment so naturally we went out to eat for lunch. My parents decided I ought to try something different so I agreed to try some Japanese food, helped by the fact that I’m an otaku. However this story isn’t about me. We took my grandpa with us due to also loving Japanese food. He was also born and raised in Peru and learned Japanese from the neighbors. Naturally, he wanted to speak Japanese to employees…Unfortunaley none of the Asian employees that served us were Japanese resulting in this happening at least two or three times:)

Grandpa: *Says something in Japanese*

Employee: Oh sorry, I’m not Japanese. I’m actually *insert actual nationality*

(And the hibachi chef even mentioned how there’s a Japanese sushi chef. On the bright side, you hopefully have a story about mistaking a group of Asians for another that isn’t because of racism, he just wanted to speak Japanese. That and I dodged a bullet by not using my phrase book to order.)

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