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I am the customer in this story.
My fiancee and I have been to a number of different craft stores of varying sizes over the course of the week looking for a very specific seasonal item – fake acorns.
We’ve already found the item and are waiting to check out.
It is important to note that this takes place the weekend that the Pope visited Philadelphia.

Cashier: Hi, did you guys find everything you need?
Fiancee: Yup, took us almost ten stores to find it, but we did
Cashier: Awesome. So are you guys ready to get poked?
Me: Oh, definitely. I mean, even though we have like 40 oak trees in our back yard, I don’t think our time would be effectively spent digging through the leaves for fresh acorns… (At this point I see the “are you nuts” look on my fiancee’s face…)
Fiancee: He asked if we were ready to get “Poped”, you knucklehead.