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(I work the night shift in kind of a weird dairy chain that is mostly a convenience store. We have a fountain soda machine, which is popular among our customers. But tonight we are all out of the 32 oz lids, and wont be getting in anymore until the next day. But we still have the 32 oz cups available. We also keep inventory of what we’ve sold based on the cups, so we have to ring them up for whatever size they have.)

Customer: *walks right over to the fountain machine and begins filling a 32 oz cup. Then realizes there are no 32 oz lids* Excuse me, you’re out of lids.
Me: Yeah, sorry about that. We’re all out at the moment, but should have more by tomorrow.
Customer: *pulls out a 44 oz cup and begins filling that, then accidentally spills the 32 oz she filled* (She’s really apologetic about spilling her drink, but makes no effort to clean it up herself, so I go over and begin cleaning up the mess. Then she comes up to the counter with her 44 oz)
Me: Ok, that’ll be $1.47.
Customer: Actually, I only filled this part way. So only charge me for a 32 oz.
Me: Actually ma’am, we have to keep inventory on our cups, so if I charge you for a 32 oz when you actually have a 44 oz cup, it’ll mess up the count.
Customer: But I don’t want that much pop. Just charge me for a 32 oz already.
(she becomes quite insistent and belligerent, which is astounding to me because we have a 20 oz size which, due to our summer prices, is the same price as the 32 oz.)
Me: Ma’am, I’m just doing what I’ve been told. I can’t just make an exception for you.

(She finally begrudgingly agrees to pay for a 44 oz, but sends in a complaint about me, telling them I was rude. My manager let me know, tells me she reviewed the footage and that I did nothing wrong, but that the supervisor now wants employees to lower the price if we don’t have certain items in stock. Also, the woman received a free drink. I hate when a rude customer gets their way)

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