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( I work at a very popular hardware store with a lumber yard. Store policy is when an item is sold by the foot, we need to measure it. And to ensure we do, security cameras watch us. This particular day, Im working the lumber yard register. a couple had a vey large cart with many items, including LOTS moulding, which is sold by the foot. I Grab a calculator for this one)

Me: (scans moulding. Register prompts for total feet. I grab the piece and place it against the affixed ruler.)

Customer: Thats 13 feet

Me: Im sorry, sir. But store policy is i must measure each piece. (Grabs next piece to measure)

Customer: Thats 10 feet.

Me: Sir, I have to measure it. We have cameras watching us.

Customer: This is B***S***. Youre just racist against Muslims. Your assuming Im lying to you because Im a Muslim.

(I never noted the color of his skin. Also I noticed at this point, all the moulding is the same and he has at least 25 pieces.)

Me: Im sorry, sir, but it is store policy.

Customer: (grabs all the pieces, and throws them in front of my register) I dont want them then! (Mutters something and i hear something about “Islamaphobia”)

(I continue to check him out. He leaves and I gather the moulding to take back. One of my associates saw the entire thing and helps me gather the pieces. The customer called the manager and told him i was being racist toward him. Thanks to my associate and the handy dandy videos, his complaint was unwarrantes)