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(My boyfriend and I eat breakfast at a semi-famous Jewish restaurant that we rarely go to. What’s interesting is this time they’ve got a new mascot: it’s an adorable smiling bagel wearing sneakers. Every employee is wearing a hat and/or a shirt with the bagel on it. This happens as we’re checking out at the register.)

Employee: Can I get the next person over here? Hey, how’s it going today? How was your meal?

Boyfriend: Fine, thanks. It was really good.

Me: Hey, who made the mascot thing?

Employee: (beaming) I did.

Me: Really? Oh wow, that’s really cool!

Employee: Wait…you really think so?

Me: Yeah, totally! It’s really smart! It’s brilliant.

Employee: Well, thank you! Hey, you want a T-shirt? What size do you wear?

(Aaaaaaand I got a free T-shirt. I thanked him profusely and he seriously made my week. Trust me, I will be going there more often!)