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In my town, many schools wear uniforms, most of which have to be bought from this store. Needless to say, on tax-free weekend we are always slammed. It was noon, we’d been open for four hours, on Friday when this scene took place between a boy, his mother, and his grandmother.

Me: Hey. What can I help you with?
Grandmother: We need uniforms for him for [specific school]. Mostly shirts.
(I walk them over to the shirt aisle.)
Me: Here are the polos. As you know, he can wear yellow, black, white, maroon, or grey. Do you know what size and color you are looking for?
Mom: An AS. We need black and grey.
Me: We don’t seem to have the grey in stock right now, but I can go check the back. While I’m doing that, he can try on the black as it is a different brand than you had last year. He will probably be an AM in this new brand.
Grandma: I don’t WANT this brand.
Me: Ma’am, that is the only brand we carry in black.
Mom: We will just do grey then.
(I go to search for the grey polos which I’m fairly certain we don’t have as our stock was quickly running out as some schools had already started. I return with a yellow, a maroon, and a white.)
Me: I’m so sorry. We seem to be out of stock right now. We can definitely order them and give you a call when they come in. For now, I can offer you these three shirts in his size.
Mom: We can’t do white or yellow. We’ll just take 3 maroons.
Me: Ma’am I hate to tell you this, but that is our last maroon in his size.
Grandma: What is this? Are you limiting to one shirt? There is no way that is all you have left.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am we have been selling out of these colors quickly. I can surely take you to the aisle and see for yourself. I can go get a manager for you.
Grandmother: *smugly* that would be nice.
(I go up to the comanager of the store who used to be the owner who is running the register trying to get the hour long line down. I told him we had a 911, so he finished up with the transaction and went to speak with her. Meanwhile, I was stressed and went to shove some food in my mouth before returning to the store.)


Me: Did you get her taken care of?
Manager: Yeah.
Me: How hard was it?
Manager: Eh… It was more difficult than most.

I guarantee you that kid had something to start school in.

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