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A customer calls the store phone and I pick it up to answer

Me: thank you for calling (store name), this is (name) how may I help you?

Customer: hi, can I speak to a manager?

Me: you’re speaking to one!

Customer: I was in your store on (proceeds to list date and time down to the minute,as well as items purchased and amount paid) and one of your associates left a sensor on one of my products.

Me: ok…

Customer: so how do we fix that?

Me: well, I apologize for that, but if you come into the store with your receipt we will be happy to take the sensor off for you and fix the mistake.

Customer: well….hmmm…..see…… I’m not near your store. I’m near the city.

Me: well, actually we have a store down town that may be closer to you and can take the sensor right off for you as well!

Customer: see, that’s just really inconvenient for me.

Me: well, I’m very sorry that the sensor was left on the merchandise, but since the sensor removing machine is only in our stores, the only way to remove it would to return to a store.

Customer: Hmm, well I just think that’s really inconvenient. I don’t really want to come back to the store. Shouldn’t the sensor have gone off before I left the store?

Me: it might have! Our associates might not have been able to communicate it to you in time, but we would be glad to fix it for you in the store if you brought the item back.

Customer: I just shouldn’t have to come back to the store. There should be a better answer to this. This should not be an inconvenience for me.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but the only way for us to now solve this is within the store. I apologize for the inconvenience but we would be happy to fix it.

Customer: this is ridiculous. Do you have a customer service number I can contact?

Me: absolutely! There’s a number on our website at the bottom of the homepage. You can call them and they’ll be happy to help out as much as they can!

Customer: ok.

Me: is there anything else I can help you with today?

Customer: no. Thanks for your “help”. Hangs up on me.

Still laughing about how mad the customer was over a sensor and how simple it is to come into a store and take it off. I hope he someday finds the solution to his problem.

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