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, | Unfiltered | September 8, 2019

(A burly macho looking male customer comes in very late at night and asks for a room. I tell him the price and he makes a face at it.)

Customer: “Where’s [Coworker]? Where’s he at?”

Me: “He’s already left for the day.”

Customer: *grumbling* “He always gives me a discount. Can’t you, too?”

Me: “Sorry, but I can’t.”

Customer: *angrily muttering*

(He pulls out his ID and credit card, and I goes through the process of entering his info and checking him in. He goes up to his room and next morning, my coworker appears to relieve me of my shift. I think that maybe they ARE friends, since my coworker is also very burly and macho.)

Me: “Your friend Mr. [Customer] has stayed with us.”

Coworker: “Who?!”

(I show him the room on the computer.)

Coworker: “…Oh. He’s not my friend. Just someone I sold a room long ago. I think.”

Me: “DId you give him a discount? He said you did.”

Coworker: “No, like I said, he’s not my friend. The rooms were only [lower price] then. It was in the winter.”

(This dumb guy thought that my coworker gave him a discount! Since then, he’s always asked for my coworker and made a face when he wasn’t there.)

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