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(I’m covering for a colleague in a section dedicated to plumbers and electricians, and both doors into this area have this written on it, an older man walks in)
Me: Hello there! Can I take your postcode?
(The man gives it to me)
Me: You don’t seem to be signed up sir, are you a qualified plumber or electrician?
Customer: No!
(I peak over to the main side, it’s completely quiet)
Me: I apologise sir, but this is a dedicated service for plumbers or electricians, if you go through the door to the right you’ll progress to the main counter.
Customer: I came here because I wanted to buy electrics! Your door is misleading!
Me: *to supvervisor when the customer is gone* Someone doesn’t know the difference between ‘plumbers and electricians’ and ‘plumbing and electrics’.
Supervisor: People are stupid and don’t read.
Me: I worked in a cinema, don’t go there on people who don’t read…

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