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This isn’t one specific interaction, but something that happens quite often, as the restaurant I work at is located along a strip of road just off a highway with multiple restaurants lined up.

Scenario 1:

(A customer arrives and I wait for the automated message to promote whatever is promoted)

Me: I can take your order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: Can I get [A very specific order, but it’s for the restaurant next door]

Me: I’d love to give you that, but are you aware that you’re in the drive thru for [My work]. What you want is at [Restaurant] next door.

Customer: (In a dumbfounded voice) Oh. Sorry. Can I get a hamburger then? (The place I work at has no hamburgers, nor ever has, to the best of my knowledge)

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have hamburgers. Would you like to try [Special LTO mentioned in the automated message]

The customer drives off muttering how expensive that is. The meal combo is only $7.49

Scenario 2

A customer arrives in drive thru and says no to the automated message.

Me: I can take your order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: I want the [specialty sandwich mentioned in the message.]

Me: Sir (or Ma’am when the person ordering is female) that would be the sandwich you just said no to, are you sure?

Customer: Yes!

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