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I am a pharmacist working in a large drugstore. This takes place in mid-October. A teenage girl is standing in the feminine care aisle looking a bit nervous and uncomfortable. She catches my eye and calls out a bit rudely, but I ignore THIS because she seems to be embarrassed and needing help.

Girl: “Yeah, can I get some help here please?”
Me: (walking out from behind pharmacy counter): “Yes, what can I help you with?”

She grabs my arm and pulls me into the next aisle, the oral care section.

Girl: “Yeah, I’m being a vampire for Halloween. Which of these denture glues would be the best for putting my teeth on?”
Me: “Umm…that’s really not my area of expertise as a pharmacist. But I’m sure they would all work fine.”
Girl: “Well, are there any OTHER pharmacists here who WOULD know?”
Me: (stifling the urge to tell her what a massive waste of time she is) “…No.”