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(I am a housekeeper in an upscale hotel. When a guest has a special request my supervisor will come on the floor and tell me in person. Sometimes the guests requests get a little extreme.)

Supervisor: Hey (My Name), when you get to room 811 can you be sure to change all the sheets and exchange all the towels? (We normally only change the sheets every other day and exchange the used towels) The guest says they are allergic to the cleaner we use in the fabrics.

Me: Do you have special sheets and towels for me? Won’t the stuff I have give them the same reaction?

Supervisor: Yea, don’t worry about it. These guests are a little… (makes face).

(This is my first warning as my supervisor is normally very attentive to guest requests. I clean the room and do as she asks. Weirdly I find maybe a dozen dryer sheets in and around the bed when I’m making it. Later in the day my supervisor comes up again.)

Supervisor: Hey (My Name), did you vacuum room 811 when you cleaned it?

Me: No, the floor was spotless.

Supervisor: Sorry, but can you go back and vacuum it really well. They are complaining that the dust is bothering them. I’m so sorry, just do whatever they ask please. I know you did a good job cleaning it before.

(I immediately go to the room. The guest is in the room this time.)

Guest: (In great distress) Oh thank goodness! Please can you vacuum again. I’m just so itchy! (gesturing and scratching at her neck) I can just feeeel the mice in this room!

Me: (shocked) I can assure you that there is no mice here. I have never even heard of that being a problem here ever. I’m sorry you’re having a reaction to something though. Is there anything else I can do to make your stay more comfortable?

Guest: Oh yes! can you please put more sheets on the bed? I don’t want the bed mice to get me. It makes me feel so itchy!

Me: Bed mice?

Guest: Yes! I can just feel them in this room! (gesturing to her neck again)

Me: (Realizing that she is meaning bed bugs. Which we also don’t have and you cannot feel them while standing in the middle of a room)
(Despite me knowing that there is nothing wrong I had to spend half an hour putting extra bed sheets on her bed, vacuuming every corner of her room, helping stuff her bed with more dryer sheets, and assuring her that there is nothing wrong without actually calling her crazy. Afterwards my supervisor came up and when I told her what happened she just rolled her eyes and thanked me for my patience)

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