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Naut always wrong, Naut always right!
(I work as a scuba instructor. I like to mix up my videos with some sound bits from a game i play called League of Legends. On This particular day…..)

Me: so be sure to never go this far past the safety buoy!
(Audience looks uninterested. I vaguely spot someone sporting a league tee.)

Me: okay, the thing you must always be aware of is the depths. Im gonna have my bro Nautilus take over for a bit. *Plays soundbit of Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths saying beware the depths*

(After finishing the class, i ask for questions)

Me: okay are there any questions? You in the black tee!
League Tee Girl: who do you main?
Me: excuse me?
LTG: Dont fool me. I know that soundbite anywhere.
Me: Well i main Lucian….
LTG: I want your summoner name after this class.

(To this day, we still duo)

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