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(This happened to my coworker. My coworker is an old man, but a bit of a hothead. Another old man comes up to him with a smirk.)

Coworker: “How can I help you today?”

Old Man: *with thinly veiled sarcasm* “I don’t know. Are you an idiot?”

Coworker: “Excuse me?!”

Old Man: “I said, are you an idiot?”

Coworker: *glares* “Would you mind telling me what your problem is sir?”

Old Man: “I guess you are, because you’re not answering me. Ok, fine, I’ll tell you my issue is…IDIOT. My sink has not worked twice already, now hard is it to fix a G*D**** sink?!”

(Other customers are staring and my coworker glares at the old man, who puts his face 2 inches from his; spit is flying onto his face. My coworker does not back off.)

Coworker: *angrily* “Well, I’m sorry that your issue was not fixed–”

Old Man: “Oh, you’re sorry!” *laughs crazily* “Guess what everyone, he’s sorry! Oh, that’ll fix everything! Really an idiot! Textbook definition!”

Coworker: “I never said that it would–”

Old Man: “Listen–” *screams into his face* “I WANT A REFUND, I WANT YOUR BOSS’S NAME, I WANT YOUR CEO’S NAME, AND I WANT A FREE NIGHT!!!”

(The manager hears the commotion and comes running, but not fast enough.)

Coworker: “That’s it! You want to step outside?!”

Old Man: “Yeah! Let’s go! Idiot!”

Coworker: *cracking knuckles* “You won’t be saying that once your face is wired shut once I punch it off!”

(They are about to go but are stopped by the manager. He manages to calm them down, which was no easy task because they are raring to go at each other. Later, once the old man stomps off and the gathered crown dissipates, the manager talks to my coworker.)

Manager: “What’s the matter with you?!”

Coworker: “He was threatening me and calling me an idiot!”

Manager: “If you haven’t worked here for 40 years, I’d fire you…”