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(Due to a recent software update, our registers now force customers with chips in their credit or debit cards to process them using the chip reader, instead of sliding the card like normal. Unfortunately, the new update is not very user-friendly, and if everything is not done correctly and exactly in order, it will cancel the transaction and print an error slip at the end. To avoid this, the cashier must back all the way out of the payment screen and reset the entire transaction between each try.)

Me: “Alright, your total is on the screen. Will you be paying by card today?”

Older Gentleman: “Yes.” *he slides his card, prompting a message to pop up on the screen*

Me: “Oh, it looks like your card has a chip in it.” *I reset the transaction* “If I could have you insert your card, chip-side first, into the slot at the bottom firmly until it clicks, I can process that transaction for you.”

Older Gentleman: “Oh, it didn’t read?” *he slides his card again and starts to put it back in his wallet*

Me: “Whoops, if I could have you try that again, I’ll need you to insert your card into the slot at the bottom firmly until you feel it click.” *I reset the transaction again*

Older Gentleman: “Okay, I’ll try again.” *he slides his card a third time* “Did it work that time?”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t process your card that way. I’ll need you to use the chip reader at the bottom.” *I point toward the slot*

Older Gentleman: “Where? I’ve never used this before.”

Me: “Yup, it’s a recent update through our store. The chips are supposed to be more secure than sliding your card, so we’re switching everyone over. I can show you, if you like?” *I hold my hand out to offer to take his card and point out the slot at the bottom before showing him what direction to insert it and clicking it into place* “Okay, now we’ll just leave that there for a…”

Older Gentleman: “Ohhh, that’s where it goes! I’ve never used one of these before!” *he pulls the card out and goes to put it back in his wallet again*

Me: *starting to get a little frustrated but trying not to let it show* “Actually, we’ll just need to leave that in there while it processes. It’ll beep and show a message on the screen when you can take it out.” *I reset the transaction yet again and finally manage to walk him through the whole process from start to finish, only to have it freeze at the end before finally printing out an error slip* “Whoops, I think we confused it. Can I try that one more time?”

Older Gentleman: “It’s not going through?” *he digs out his card again, and I reset the transaction, take the card, and run it through personally. I have him select his options at the appropriate screens, and finally manage to complete it successfully*

Me: “There we go! Thanks for your patience, and have a nice day.”

(Sadly, this happens to me at least twice a week since the new system was put into place.)