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(A customer walks up to my cash register and throws an envelope on the counter, and just stares at me.)

Me: What’s this?

Customer: A payment!

Me: Oh an open account payment?

Customer: YES!

Me: Ok. Thanks. (I put it under the register for the manager to collect and put through later)

Customer: Where are the calculators?

Me: They’re in aisle two on your left. Would you like someone to meet you there and give you a hand?

Customer: Which one is aisle two!?

Me: um… the second aisle.. (I point) Would you like some help picking out the right one?

(The customer walks over to aisle 2 without saying anything to me)

Me: (turning to my manager) I guess not then.

(Later the same customer comes to the register with a printing calculator. I scan it and begin to ask her if she wants the extra warranty on it, but she interrupts me)

Customer: That’s on the *business* account.

Me: (I’m flustered from being interrupted, and also because I have never heard of the business she just said. I take out the book of open accounts anyway, to try and find the business) Sorry, what was it called?

Customer: Don’t you remember? I JUST gave you a payment for them!!

Me: Yes, but I didn’t process it; the manager does that. I just put it under the til, so I don’t have it out anymore

Customer: UGH It’s *business*! *A DIFFERENT BUSINESS*!!

Me: Um… Wait, sorry, so is it *business* or *Different Business*?

Customer: It’s *business*! But it’s also *Different Business*

Me: So which one is it under, then? I’m confused.

Customer: Well you’re easily confused then! I just told you that it’s *business*! *Different Business*!

Me: But you keep saying two business names.

Customer: YES! *Different Business!*

Me: Okay…. (I find the second business she mentioned in the open accounts book) And do you have ID on you?

Customer: Excuse me? What do you need to see my ID for?

Me: To make sure you’re on the list of authorized buyers from this business.

Customer: Oh I’m probably not on there.

Me: Well, unfortunately you need to be —

(The customer shoves the calculator closer to me on the counter and then storms out)

Me: (to my manager who was standing near by) Well. She was just a bundle of happiness, wasn’t she?