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(This story didn’t happen to me, but rather to one of my colleagues which I overheard most of. To clarify part of this story I work in a popular sports fashion shop in the UK, a lot of our shoes have an exclusive tag on them letting the customer know that only we provide this kind of shoe, a lot of customers don’t understand exclusivity)

Colleague: Hi, can I help?

Customer: Yes, actually, could I get this *hands shoe* in a (customer’s size)

Colleague: I’ll have a look if we have any in store for you. *Uses radio to ask for the shoe from the stockroom*

Colleague: … Unfortunately it seems we don’t have your size available in store, if you’d like we might be able to order it for you?

Customer: No thanks, I’ll just go to another shop and try and get them there.

Colleague: Just so you know, those are actually exclusive to our store.

Customer: I’m sure (nearby shoe shop) has them. *leaves store*

Me: Did they just leave to go get that shoe in another shop?

Colleague: Yep…

(about 30 minutes later, the customer comes back in)

Customer: Can I order (the shoe they wanted in the size)

Colleague: Did (shoe shop) not have it?

Customer: No they didn’t, not sure why though…

Colleague: Because, as I already mentioned, these are exclusive to our store.

Customer: Oh… I didn’t know that…..

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