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I work at a well known local pet supply store that does not accept credit cards, and has not for over 10 years, but does accept debit. Our machines cannot take credit cards and we have signs saying this everywhere, including a large and brightly colored sign on the doors AND the checkout screen. It is right in front of the customer’s face as speak to me, though this happens at least once a day:

Customer: *swipes card* Why does it want my pin number? This is a credit card.
Me: I’m sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Do you have debit, cash, or check?
Customer: Where does it say that?! I always come here and pay with credit!
Me: Sir, I am sorry but we have never accepted credit. Maybe you are confusing us with [pet store chain].
Customer: You are lying to me! I always pay with credit!
Me: I assure you our machines will not accept a credit card, as you can see on the sign…

I still cannot understand how someone can look me in the face and say “Oh, I don’t have a pin number, I’m paying with credit”, with the sign right under their nose.