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I work at a popular hotel chain, a woman who has been nothing but trouble over the past three days she’s stayed with us is finally checking out.

Her: “you know, your pool is really terrible! It’s supposed to be heated but it was cold when I went in!”

I think I know where this is going since the pool has been closed all month for drainage and filter repairs, the people working on it have been refilling and draining all day to make sure the new filter works properly, but to my surprise she says nothing more and walks out! Suddenly my coworker who works in the gym (the room next to the pool) walks up to me.

Coworker: “Was that [Guest who just checked out]?”

Me: “Yea, thank god.”

Suddenly he breaks out laughing

Coworker: “This afternoon while the pool was filled and the [pool repair company] guys were on break, she walked right in and started swimming in it! She was there for five minutes then walked out complaining about the temperature!”

We told our manager and all still laugh about it to this day.

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