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(I work in a relatively small shop, it being only 4 aisles big and a former clothes shop. 2 of our aisles are smaller and the one before the tills is thinner at the end because of the fridges. Even so, we have no issue with customers bringing trollies, pushchairs or mobility scooters round the shop, provided they don’t cause big queues. We have a couple of customers with mobility scooters who cause issues so my co-workers and I tend to mention it to each other when they’re in. Note: it’s very rare to get 2 scooters in one behind the other. My co-worker and I are both on the tills as we spot the 2 scooters coming down the aisle. the first is a gentleman we know is extremely slow so we’re both dreading when he gets to the tills. He stops in front of my till which makes it impossible for anyone to get past him to my co-worker’s till)
Me: Sir, could you please go to the other till so we can stop the queue getting too long?
(I know he’s hard of hearing so I spoke loudly but he just ignores me. I look to my co-worker who is just as lost as I am until he suddenly gets a thought and leaves his till to go back to the slowly building line.)
Me: Sir would you like a bag?
Gentleman: *grumbles*
(I decide not to give him a bag and just scan his items as I watch my co-worker take customers shopping to his till, scan it, go back to the customer, tell them what the owe, get the money, and finish serving them before going to the next customer. I tell the gentleman his total and he spends 5 minutes giving me exact change. I give him his items, and he leaves as slowly as he can without going backwards. After we get rid of the line my co-worker looks at me.)
Co-worker: Did that really just happen?
Me: I know.