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I used to work in a children’s play center, and people could have their kid’s birthday party there. When people would call to give us the names of the kids on their guest list, I would make them spell out every single name because we make name tags and put the names on the kids’ popcorn bags and juice cups, and there are so many “unique” spelling of names nowadays. One woman called to give her guest list, and this happened:

Customer (after she has just finished spelling out a very common name with a very common spelling): Next is Raven.
Me: Could you spell that for me?
Customer: RAVEN!!
Me: I heard you, could you please spell it for me?
Customer: It’s RAVEN! How hard is that?!
Me: Ok, so that’s R-A-
Customer: No??? RAVEN! R-E-V-Y-N. Just like it sounds!!

I was hoping she just didn’t know how to spell “Raven”, but nope. Sure enough, a couple days later when we hosted her child’s birthday party, there was a child named “Revyn” (pronounced like “Raven”) there.