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There’s two employees on the floor at the time, me and our new employee ( who’s only worked here for a month). I’m assisting a customer with a warranty exchange on her phone, when my co-worker gets a customer. This older man comes in, obviously slightly annoyed. Be has our only
Man- “this phone isn’t working. No one can hear me when I’m talking on it”
Co-worker “ok let me just take a look at it”
Man ” the lady at the other store (a franchise, while we are the corporate location) tested it. She said you’d just give me a new one.
Co-worker “we still have to test it in our store”
She proceeds to make a test call with the man’s phone to our store phone. She didn’t have any problem hearing on the phone, so she brings it to me to test from the other side of the store. Once again, no problem with hearing on either end.
Me “Sir, we would have to recreate the problem in our store for us to give you a warranty exchange.”
Man “i thought she was helping me, not you!”
Me “well, you seemed upset, so i thought i would inform you of corporate policy”
Man “well I’m just going to go to ( competitor) !”
As he was walking out the door, he stopped and looked at me.
Man “and i wasn’t talking to you bitch!”