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(As part of the deli we have cheese department with specialty cheese we have to cut and trim. The table faces away from the main deli so we have to turn around to see customers. I look and saw that they needed help so I put the cheese and trimmer I am using down and turn to the nearest customer.)

Me: Hi! Can I help you?

Customer: What were you sleeping?

Me: (a little confused and annoyed hold up the cheese I had been trimming) No, I was working on some cheese.

Customer: I need [Brand] pepperoni.

Me: (trying to figure out which one of the two varieties we carry, brightly) Ok, pre-sliced or

Customer: (cutting me off, says slowly stretching it out) [Brand] pepperoni

Me: (getting annoyed, but trying not to show it) Yes I get that, we have two types of [brand] pepperoni. Do you want pre-sliced or stick?

Customer: One stick.

Me: (happy to get somewhere) Great! (I walk over and grab the one bag has only one left. I pull it out and put it into the bag and go to tag it.)

Customer: Where’s the sticker?

Me: (a little confused thinking he wants the one we put on the stick when we pre-pack them) I can get you a sticker.

Customer: No where is the sticker?

Me: (totally confused) You mean the one I put on?

Co-worker: (has been listening at the next slicer and scale also confused) That’s [brand] pepperoni. We only have one brand.

Customer: Good. (I put the sticker for the weight and everything on.)

Me: Here you go.

Customer: (points to our sausage case that has signs for what everything is) Than what is in there?

Me: Sausages, chorizo, and (short pause trying to think) kielbasa.

Customer: Whatever.

Me: (as he leaves) Have a good day! (turns to coworker) What was that about?

Coworker: Not sure, I was trying to figure out what sticker he was asking about to. (I have worked in the store for many years and that was the first time that a customer doubted what stick pepperoni I grabbed. Most customers I am pretty sure know we only have one kind of stick pepperoni in the deli.)