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(I’m working counter. At this point, I’ve just finished ringing up Customer #1’s order, given him his change, and am taking Customer #2’s order. Customer #1 is an older man, while Customer #2 is a younger, college-age guy.)

Customer #2: Hi, how much is a large smoothie?

Me: *rings it up* That’s $4.39.

Customer #2: *bites lip* Ummm… how much is a medium smoothie?

Me: $3.99.

Customer #2: *audibly gulps* What size of smoothie could I get with this?

(He holds out a small wad of change that barely adds up to enough for a child-size smoothie. As I’m about to tell him this, Customer #1 cuts in.)

Customer #1: *holds out his change* Here, have a large on me.

Customer #2: Really?

Customer #1: Yeah, sure. It’s hot out, and I don’t need it anyway.

(Customer #2 looks like he’s about to cry, and orders a large smoothie.)

Customer #2: *hands me his change* Here.

Me: Nuh-uh, I couldn’t accept this.

Customer #2: Come on, he’s put me in the giving mood.

Me: OK, but only if you let me buy your next smoothie.

(Turns out Customer #2 had some student fees stacked on top of an ex-girlfriend framing him for sexual assault. He’s since got back on his feet, and comes in almost every week!)