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I work at a call centre, but I am an online chat agent specifically who works with TV, Internet and Home Phone services.

Me: “Thank you for chatting in with ****. My name is Kelsey. May I have your name please”.

Customer: Hi. I ordered the WWE Network two days ago and I haven’t been able to get the channel at all. And no one has called me about not having the channels.

Me: ” I’m sorry that you’re having trouble getting the channel. I can definitely look into this and see why you’re not getting the WWE Network as you’re suppose to. Can you please tell me what channel it is that you’re trying to view the WWE Network on?”

Customer: “I don’t think it worked when I ordered it the first time. So I need to order it. So can you please order it for me”.

Me: ” It’s showing on your account here as being active. What channel are you watching it on? ”

Customer: ” It’s saying that it’s not authorized.”

Me: “Can you please tell me what channel number it is that you are trying to view WWE on. ”

Customer: “I tried to search it but I couldn’t find the channel actually”.

Me: ” The WWE Network is on channel 514, please go to that channel to view this programming”.

Customer: ” Okay thank you!”

They claimed that the channel was not working when they didn’t even know what channel they had to turn the TV to…

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