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(I’m running the registers one night, and it’s been overly busy because we’re closing the next day for a remodel that will last four and a half days. As this is a small town, we’re the only general store and most people come in daily, usually multiple times a day, so everyone’s stocking up. At this point, there’s only a couple people in line, but I know more’s coming, so I’m trying to ring them up as quickly as possible. As I’m handing one young man his receipt, the young man behind him comes up with a plastic sword from our toy section.)

Customer: “Hey, there’s another one of these back there without a tag on it. If I get it, can I have it for free?”

Me: “If you get it, and they’re the same price, I could run this tag twice and you could buy both.”

Customer: “But would I get it for free?”

Me: “No, I’d run this tag twice and you’re buying both.”

Customer: “But they’d be the same price, right?”

Me: “If they cost the same, yeah.”

Customer: “So it would be $4.30.”

(At this point I’d seen the man behind him shaking his head and getting impatient. I too, am frustrated at his apparent lack of basic logic. I try another tactic)

Me: “Here look.” (I point at the tag on the toy sword he’d put on my counter.) “See here, how it’s four dollars?” *he nods* “So with tax, we could round that up to the $4.30 you mentioned earlier. If you go back and buy both, we’d run this tag twice and it would be around $9.00.”

Customer: “Oh, well I only have about $4.30, so I’ll just get this one.”

(I ring it up for him.)

Me: “$4.24”

Customer: *after a lengthy process, dumps a bunch of change on the counter*

(At this point, there was about five, six people in line and then man right behind the young man is getting really impatient.)

Customer; “I have two dollars in bills, so I only need about a dollar in change.”

Me; “In that case, here.” *counts up $1.24 in dimes and pennies, grabs the bills, and sends the boy on his way. I attempt to be lighthearted with the next guy* “Logic, right?” *I shrug*

Customer #2: “Man, that kid’s a dumba**!”