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(I’m working at a customer service call center. LIke most we have to verify their information to interact with their account in any way)
Me: Hell and thank you for calling {Company}, this is [name] how may I assist you today?
Cusomter: Hi I need to change my mother’s installation date
Me: I can help you with that can I have your mother’s account number?
Customer: [number]
Me: Can I have the name as it appears on the account and her 4 digit pin
Customer: Its [name] but I don’t have her pin I”m her son
Me: Ok can you give me the answer to her question
Customer: I don’t know I Just need to change her date
Me: I understand that but I can’t access her account without the information let me check with my supervisor
(I get permission to check by her address and the last 4 of her social security number)
Me: Ok can you give me her address and her social security number?
Customer: I don’t have that. I”m not a thief trying to get her information I”m her son.
Me; I Understand that but i can’t give you access to her account without her information
(went on several minutes the guy just didn’t understand I couldn’t take his word for him being her son)