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[I’m sitting at the front desk, typing up the next day’s schedule for the residents. This woman comes up to the desk – her mother is a resident.]

Her: Could you send [maintenance coworker] up to my mother’s room? The toilet’s a mess.

Me: Sure, I’ll radio someone in just a moment as soon I finish this last bit here and print it.

Her: Ok. It’s probably my fault, I mean I made my famous blackberry tart and I know my mother shouldn’t eat that, but she loves it so I gave it to her anyway and then sure enough she had to…[continues on and on and on, etc.]

Me: *mumbling a response every few seconds*

Her: *still going and going and going*

Me: *eye begins twitching as I’m trying to type the last schedule entry and get it done on time which is harder the more she blabs on*

Her: You know, this cab driver is late every time I call him. He should really be on time. What if I had somewhere important to be? Maybe I shouldn’t tip him. He’s being awfully rude, blah blah blah, etc.

[we both see the cab arrive at the same time]

Her: Oh, there he is!

Me: *to self* OH THANK GOD!!! *lays head against desk and fake cries*

Coworker who’s just come around the corner: Was that [woman’s name]? Damn, she talks a lot.

Me: *more crying and headdesking*