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(There is a note waiting for me when I come in Monday morning. It claims someone had come in after hours Sunday evening and bought something, effectively messing with the credit card terminal and our cash registers. Please note: the credit card terminal closes itself out at 5am every morning, even if an employee forgets to. The cash registers are so old, everything is manual, including closing and opening. I’m a little confused by the wording of the note, so I call the assistant manager.)

Me: Hey, [Assistant], what happened last night? I got this note from [other employee]?

Asisstant: *sighing* Last night was inventory, yeah? [Other employee] and I were finishing up. Both registers were closed, the paperwork was done, everything was finished except the inventory. About seven o’clock this woman and her kids come up and start banging on the door, asking if we were open.

Me: It was Sunday, after six. Of course not.

Assistant: We left the lights on. Apparently she took that to mean we were still open.

Me: Don’t tell me you let her in.

Assistant: She screamed at us, saying she’d tell corporate that the customer is always right. You know the moment they do that they lie and get gift certificates thrown at them – and us in trouble.

Me: (something pings in my head) But…the registers were closed…aren’t we not supposed to let people in –

Assistant: Didn’t matter. She whined. We couldn’t finish inventory with her yammering.

Me: Which ruined inventory.

Assistant: Yep.

Me: Which means the poor bastard closing tonight gets to deal with this.

Assistant: It’s me. I’m closing. And I get to tell corporate of the wonderful woman with her bratty kids who came in an hour after close to buy crap, explain why closing paperwork makes no sense, and why we were there two hours after we should have been. So I’ll see you in a few hours?

(The assistant manager spent three hours that Monday evening trying to get paperwork to go through the computer, and didn’t get home until after midnight. The best part? Even our District Manager, who was ALL about making more money, even told us we shouldn’t have let that woman in – because the registers were closed!)