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I’m working late one night when the phone rings.
Me: “(Business Name), how can I help you?
Him: “Yeah i was just wondering if you have televisions there.”
Me: “Yes sir, we do.”
Him: “So could you tell me if you have Direct TV channel (x)?”
(The channel he asked for was a high number, probably something specific to that provider, and we generally don’t play cable but instead use Arabic servers for soccer games and music videos.)
Me, without hesitation: “I’m sorry sir but we do not.”
Him: *mumbles something, almost as if he’s yawning while talking to me*
Me: “Sir?”
Him, suddenly rude: “Well how could you possibly know you don’t have that channel without checking?”
Me: “Because sir, we don’t have Direct Tv.”
(He hung up on me.)

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