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(Like many people, I take my phone with me into the bathroom. I’m also a customer in this situation in a public restroom with multiple stalls. I’m scrolling through my phone when I’m ready to leave and I hit the close button. The very recognizable “close sound” on all iPhones goes off. I then hear the lady in the next stall over kick the wall and shout at me.)


Me: Who, me?

Customer: Yes you!!! You just took a picture of me under the stall!!!

Me: Oh no no no, I just closed my phone. It makes a click sound.

(At this point, incredibly awkwardly, we flush and leave our stalls. She immediately approaches me.)

Customer: You’re going to delete that picture of me right now.

Me: I swear, I didn’t take a picture of you. It’s the click sound when the iPhone closes. See?

(I go to show her and she snatched my phone out of my hands)

Customer: I’m deleting your pictures.

Me: Um, give me my phone back. I can show you that I don’t have any pictures of you.

(While telling her this, she goes into my pictures, hits “select all,” and deletes all of my photos.)

Customer: There. Now I’m calling the cops.

Me: You just deleted all of my photos. What are you going to tell the cops? I swear, I didn’t take a picture of you.

Customer: I don’t need to prove anything. They can look at the security cameras and see you do it.

Me: *laughs*

Customer: Are you laughing at me? I’m calling the cops now!!!

(Of course, what type of phone does she have? The same iPhone that I have. She insisted that the cops show up. Security shows up and separates us. I tell them the story. The security guards go up to the cops and tell them what happened. The cops laugh, ask to check my phone, and tell me to leave. As I’m leaving, the lady starts yelling that they should check the security cameras because I’m guilty. It baffles me that she was seemingly totally ok with security cameras recording her pee but she called the cops on me for no reason.)