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, | Unfiltered | December 23, 2019

It’s 30th December. My dad is sent out for groceries by mum. She has made a list. She had asked me earlier what drink I wanted for New Year’s Eve and I told her I wanted a special brand of drink, which has one of the flavours ‘white grape.’

My mum writes this down on her list, and she makes a point of telling my dad this as well saying “[brand] white grape”. A few hours later, I open the fridge and I notice the brand of drink lying in the fridge, but pineapple-mango flavoured. I ask my dad where the white-grape flavoured one is and he looks confused at me.

Turns out… he thought he needed to buy the drink… and white grapes. And good man that he thought he was… there is a box of white grapes on the counter.

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