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(I frequently go to a local gaming store that stocks tabletop RPGs and trading card games. While I’m there one afternoon, waiting for my gaming group, a very pretty blonde wearing heels and a sundress walks in. Everyone, myself included, was instantly on Red Alert because I’m the only girl they get most of the time.)

Customer: *approaches the counter* Hi, I’m, like, looking for ? My boyfriend really likes video games and I wanted to get him one for his birthday.

Cashier: Sorry, we’re not that kind of game store, but if you tried down the street–

Customer: Oh my gawd, you want me to walk ALL that way?! In THESE shoes? This is a GAME store, isn’t it? What other kind of games ARE there?! You’d make me ruin my [expensive brand] shoes for a GAME?!

(The poor cashier never got the chance to explain, because Blondie kept ranting for several minutes about how we were all losers and geeks and would never get girlfriends and die virgins before storming out. Coincidentally, said cashier is also my gaming group’s Dungeon Master. We ended up fighting a b***** blonde sorceress that night.)

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