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(While out doing cleaning rounds I ran into one of our residents, a nice enough older gentleman, if not a bit odd. He informed me he had just bought a new firearm. Being a bit of an amateur gun enthusiast, I was delighted when he offered to show it to me. He opened up the box and took it out of it’s plastic so I could see it. Fast forward to a few days later when he comes into the office:)

Resident: I need to talk to you about [manager].

Me: Oh? whats the problem?

(He then launched into a full blown conspiracy theory that a certain lock box with “important and damaging evidence” was missing from his garage. His thinking was that since our manager had a key “it had to be her” that took it. And she was part of some organization that was “trying to keep him quiet” about the evidence he had.)

Me: Are you sure it could not have just been misplaced? (I’m trying to be polite, but this conversation is making me uncomfortable, besides being out right nuts, and I’m not sure what to do with him since I’m the only one in the office.)

Resident: I may have to kill her. That documentation is valuable.

(He continued on his rant for a little longer, repeating that last part several times before the owner called me into the back room. Where he had been listening in via the video feed. We agree, the guy is nuts.)

Me: You realize he has a gun, right?

Owner: He HAS a gun?

Me: Yep, he showed it to me just the other day, pulled it out of the box and everything.

Owner: You are sure he has a gun?

Me: Yes, he pulled it out of it’s box and actually showed it to me!

Owner: Well that changes this whole thing.

(Needless to say, he was not happy that someone was threatening a member of his staff and that person had a firearm. And our manager was very disturbed when she found out that someone had threatened her life. The gentleman was promptly reported and taken into psychiatric custody.)