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(EBT cards, also known as Food Stamps, are always tricky to handle because I work in a food court area as part of a department store, and generally we serve junk food, such as popcorn, hotdogs, ICEE’s, etc. So, USUALLY, the machine says it cannot accept the card once it slides because it is not considered ‘acceptable EBT’ food. I’ve worked in my department for six years at this point.)

*Guest comes in with a five-year old in a stroller*

Guest: Now, I want to buy an ICEE for my son, but I’m going to use my EBT card. It’s okay, they do this at the other [department store] in San Ramon. You just hit the button. They do it all the time.

(She is talking about the ‘override’ button which allows the cashier to correctly assign an item as EBT approved when the machine thinks it isn’t qualified. This is only when the name of the brand confuses the machine to think it isn’t EBT approved, and is only used when they are buying food and baby items. Generally, cashiers just use their best judgment and tell the guest what was and wasn’t covered on their EBT.)

(Unfortunately for her, ICEE doesn’t qualify as an EBT need, so I pretend there isn’t an override button)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, there isn’t a button. The machine will just say ‘cannot buy with EBT’ and will go back to the pay screen. I’m sorry, the only things you can buy here with an EBT is [list off the few items].

Guest: No, no, I’ve done it before, many times at the other [department store], just hit the override button. They do it for me all the time!

Me: I can try, and I can show you the screen it will display.

(When the option for override comes in, I just hit ‘dismiss’, then just show her the screen that says ‘cannot buy with EBT’. She flips out and asks to run it again. I do the exact same thing, I tell her I will go get a supervisor before she asks, because I know by now that she won’t listen to anything I will say at this point.)

(Supervisors would do anything to please a guest nowadays, even it means breaking a policy and using tax payer money on ICEE’s. However, I know as soon as we do that, she will continue to do this and other employees will suffer for trying to follow the rules.)

Supervisor: What’s the problem?

Guest: I want an ICEE for my son, and you just have to hit the button to override it, because I’m paying with my EBT card.

Supervisor: *only sees the ‘cannot use EBT’ screen, I had already hit the dismiss button before I called her over* No, there’s no button, just a screen that says ‘cannot use’. You’re paying with EBT? You can only buy certain items over here with that card. I believe apple juice is one.

Guest: But I don’t want apple juice! I want my son to have an ICEE!

*By this point, the child starts to throw a temper tantrum*

(She finally just gets a juice for him, my supervisor leaves, and I ring her up for the juice)

Guest: My son wanted an ICEE! I hope you’re happy, because of you, my son won’t get an ICEE! It’s your fault he won’t get it. It’s your fault.

Me: *silent while ringing up her juice*

Guest: They do it all the time at the other store!

Me: *Almost have a mind to ask her ‘which store? Because I am going to report them’, but I leave it alone, just stay silent*

Guest: *gives juice to son* Here sweeting, I CAN’T get you an ICEE, but how about some juice.

*Son still throws a temper tantrum, but drinks the juice anyway*

Guest: *glares at me, then leaves*

Me:*mimics a gun with my hand, puts it to my head and pulls the trigger*

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