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Some random douche walks into the sunglass shop I work at. He enters and asks me:

Guy: I won some free (well known sunglass brand. We will call them Aloha John’s) from the company but I do not like them. Can I trade them for another pair here for the same value.

My boss: …No man we cannot do that.

So he asks me to let him try on other ones anyway.
As he is trying them on.

Guy: I bet if I take these to (big name sunglass shop) or another big sunglass store they will let me trade them.

Me: …Nah man they won’t. It affects inventory. You cannot exchange stuff to stores if you did not buy it there.

Guy: Well I bet I can! If you have the ones I have in stock I should be able to.

Me:….No it doesn’t really work like that.

Guy: *grumbles and storms out.